Honoring Veterans

Honoring Those Who Served

Providing Military Funeral Honors is a fitting way to recognize the sacrifice and contributions of our nation’s veterans. In doing so, we show our gratitude to those who have faithfully defended our country. Please be sure to inquire about your eligibility for a veteran discount.


Eligibility will be verified by the veteran’s DD-214, or discharge papers. Eligible members include:

  • Current members of the Military – Active Duty or Selected Reserve
  • Military Retirees
  • Former members of the Selected Reserve
  • U.S. Veterans of any war
  • Other U.S. Veterans (who served at least one term of enlistment and separated under conditions other than dishonorable)

Traditional Honors & Entitlements

At minimum, eligible veterans are entitled to the folding and presenting of the American flag and the playing of Taps. These honors are performed by an honor guard.

Honors also can include:

  • The U.S. flag draped over the casket.
  • A three-volley rifle salute (representing duty, honor, and country), final salute accompanied by the playing of "Taps," and folding of the flag, all performed by an Honor Guard at the cemetery or place of service.
  • A government headstone at the cemetery.
  • Burial at a National Cemetery, including the cost of the grave, vault, and opening/closing of the grave.
  • Other entitlements may be applicable on an individual basis, please see the links below for more information.

For questions regarding specific benefits to Veterans, we recommend that you also consult the Winnebago County Office of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs
Machesney Park National Guard Armory
10451 North Second Street
Machesney Park, IL 61115

Telephone: 815-633-5875
Fax: 815-633-6392
Email: vaoffice.winnebago-c@illinois.gov

Additional Resources

Please visit the following links for detailed information about the options available for honoring service members and other aspects of military funerals:

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