We’ve provided a list of answers to questions we frequently receive regarding our services and other activities related to funerals. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to give you more information and clarify any of your concerns.

What should I do when a loved one has died?

In a hospital or nursing home setting, the desired funeral home is usually asked at the time of admission or the time of death. They will call the funeral home. If the death occurs in a home, the paramedics or a coroner are called by a family member or hospice care provider. They and or the family will then call the funeral home. The funeral home then transfers the remains from the place of death to the funeral home. An arrangement time to share and gather information will be set either by the funeral home at the time of the transfer, if the family is present, or during a phone call following the transfer of remains. The following items will need to be brought to the funeral home at the time of the arrangement conference: important documents (military discharge papers, birth and marriage certificates), clothing, cosmetics (if desired), perfume (if desired), a photograph for the funeral home and newspaper (if desired), and several more photographs (up to 80) if you would like the funeral home to create a video montage.

When should I buy cemetery space?

People buy cemetery spaces in "at-need" situations as well as "pre-need" situations. The staff at Olson's would be happy to help you with this in either situation, thereby removing the potential for high pressure sales tactics employed at some locations.

What should I do if a loved one dies out of town or out of the country?

Call Olson's. We will contact a funeral home in your area to assist in this process. We are part of an organization that has affiliates all over the world who are dedicated to providing the same quality service that you would expect if you were working with Olson's directly.

What merchandise am I required to buy from the cemetery?

None. Most cemeteries do sell merchandise such as markers, vaults, and caskets. However, cemeteries, at this time, are not governed by the Federal Trade Commission and therefore do not have to follow the strict guidelines that funeral homes follow. It would be to the consumers best advantage to ask the funeral director and compare information about this prior to making a hasty decision. This is a nice advantage to pre-arranging funeral services.

Why Pre-Fund or Pre-Arrange a funeral and what is the difference?

Pre-arranging is simply getting all of the information, documents, wishes, and selections together prior to the death. This is then stored in a file at the funeral home. Sometimes this is done years in advance. Pre-funding a funeral gives you peace of mind knowing that financial burdens will not be placed on your next of kin and it guarantees the services selected at the time of the pre-funding. Pre-funding may not be the best option for everyone so therefore it is an important thing to discuss with your funeral director and financial advisor. An important thing to remember is that not all funeral homes are the same regarding portability of pre-arrangements. At Olson Funeral and Cremation Services, all pre-arrangements are portable at no charge to family members. This means that you can move to another part of the country and the pre-arrangement will move with you. This is another way that Olson Funeral and Cremation Services is setting the standards for funeral service in the area.

How can I personalize my funeral services more?

The staff of Olson Funeral and Cremation Services is always searching for ways to improve the products we offer in a way that will make them more special to the families we serve. Frequently we update our casket and urn selections or products that go with this merchandise. We are also a leading provider of video montages in the area. These videos are shown at services and visitations to give the public a better understanding of the life of the deceased that we are honoring. Many people also choose to make certain items an integral part of the ceremony such as golf clubs or fishing rods. We have even had a boat part of the ceremony. Other people choose a special place for the ceremony such as their church or a park. Trust our staff to help guide you through these selections.

What options do I have when I choose cremation?

There are a myriad of choices regarding service types when selecting cremation. Some people choose to have the cremation performed after a funeral service instead of earth burial. Others choose to have a memorial service without the body present. Still others select a simple graveside service with an earthen burial of the cremated remains. Whatever your desires are, the staff at Olson's is more than willing to accommodate you.

Why is longevity important in the funeral industry?

Time in this industry shows many important factors. One is that the longer the funeral home has been around the more experience the business has. Another is that the business must be doing things right to earn the trust of the community. At Olson's we are proud of our long standing tradition in Rockford as one of the city's oldest family owned business. You know that you can trust us to help you and your family both in At-Need services and in our handling of Pre-Need assets.

Why should I consider donating my body, organs, or tissue to science?

This is a personal question that only family members should decide. The following factors should be considered when contemplating this issue: Is the deceased a viable candidate? Will it hinder any funeral wishes? Can it save someone's life?

What can the funeral home do for me after a loved one has passed and the funeral is over?

Olson's facilitates several support groups that can provide necessary grief recovery tools in a time of need. We also provide our families an extensive grief library that can help in many different situations. Our library provides literature that will help people understand that while their grief is unique to them, there are others who have gone through similar situations and have written literature to help people through this difficult process. The staff of Olson Funeral and Cremation Services also encourages all of our families that have experienced a recent death to discuss their own funeral wishes with one of our pre-arrangement specialists so that their choices can be honored and all important documents can be gathered in one convenient location. This way other family members are not searching for these important documents and choices in the future.

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