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Today, funerals take on a wide range of styles and formats. They are tailored to meet the family’s needs. Every funeral service is different, just as every individual and family is different. The place of the service, how many people attend, and the service elements are all completely different from one to another. The clergy can be very helpful in giving advice and suggestions to make the service content and music more meaningful. There are even non-religious services. Time needs to be taken to ensure everything has been considered.

In the United States, the most common form of final disposition is earth burial. Like other forms of disposition, earth burial is a matter of personal preference. Most often, earth burial immediately follows a funeral service. Typically, the deceased is placed in a casket. Earth burial is also utilized in the instance of cremation, allowing for a permanent location of interment. In other instances, a private family graveside ceremony is performed following a memorial service where the body and casket are not present. There are few funerals that are exactly the same and there is not a right or wrong way to honor a life.

In most instances a casket is used. In these situations, the casket is placed inside a protective enclosure, at the burial site commonly referred to as a vault. These enclosures add protection for the casket and keep the ground above from settling. The two most common are: reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete with a non-porous lining.

Markers are placed at the gravesite as a personalized memorial. Because of the multitude of options and the different rules and regulations of all cemeteries, it is important to meet with one of our funeral professionals to discuss your needs and wishes.

For those who have a religious preference, the staff at Olson Funeral and Cremation Services is well-versed in a wide range of religious services. We work closely with the clergy of all religions to insure that respect, dignity, and proper ceremonial significance is shown to all.

There is no “one-way” of doing things. Our staff will guide you in arranging a special service to meet your wishes.

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