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In recent years, cremation has become more popular, simply as a matter of personal preference. It is a form of final disposition whereby the body is transformed by intense heat to a state of small skeletal fragments – not the fine ash that some imagine. The remains are placed in a temporary container until an urn is selected for permanent containment.

In some cases, cremation is performed shortly after death. In others, cremation occurs after a funeral service where the casket or cremation container and body are present. In this instance, the body is cremated directly in the casket or cremation container. After the cremation, a funeral service may be arranged for the final placement of the remains. There are several options regarding final interment, including placement within a niche in a columbarium, earth burial, an urn for the home, or scattering of the remains where permitted by law.

Your Olson Funeral and Cremation Services representative is ready to counsel you on the various options, regulations, and logistics involved with cremation. 

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